The Winery

From our vineyards, to your tables

The fertility of the land and the healthy climate in Manduria permit the cultivation of native vine varieties such as Primitivo, Negramaro and Verdeca, which develop a unique aromatic complexity in this terroir.

All our love for our land, in a bottle.

Selected and picked strictly by hand in the family vineyards, the grapes are then processed and transformed with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern vinification techniques.

Our history, our wine

The desire for innovation and modernisation that has characterised the company for many years now, does not negate our strong connection to the territory, which we wanted to celebrate on our first labels. Such as Còttabo, which takes its name from the ancient game of Greek origin, imported by the Messapians, or Ser Vite, which remembers the “servite” nuns of the Spirito Santo Monastery in Manduria, eponymous of the district and this very company.