The Family



Our experience as winemakers has its roots in the farming traditions of Manduria, a fertile, sun-drenched area where the hard work of the people has always been dedicated to working with the land and its produce.

More precisely, it started with the stubborn determination of Annunziata Filottico, the true ancestor of the company, who would be an important resource not only for her descendants, but for the whole territory. A winemaker by tradition, but above all by vocation, in the first half of the 20th century Annunziata decided to start cultivating vineyards in the area of Manduria, launching what would become a true mission for her entire family and the company.


A mission that the new generations, pushed by the same love of the land that started the project, have continued to pursue, along with new goals of innovation and technical experimentation.

The commitment of Salvatore Nigro, and Rita Biasco, the champion of the vinification plant and the company’s expansion of production, as well as young Alessia and Desirée, has introduced a new, modern vision to the family’s winemaking identity, without ever losing its link with tradition.